Beeswax Wrap Packs
Beeswax Wrap Packs
Beeswax Wrap Packs
Beeswax Wrap Packs

Beeswax Wrap Packs

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Beeswax wraps can be used to replace plastic products to keep sandwiches, snacks, cheese, cut fruit, or vegies fresh or to seal leftovers.  Containers can be easily sealed - cover with the wrap & press firmly to mould to the container, the warmth of your hands will soften the wax to form a seal, keeping food fresher than storing in plastic containers.

3 Wrap Pack

S – 17 x 17 cm / M - 21x21cm / L – 29x29cm               


4 Wrap Pack

S – 17 x 17cm / M - 21x21 / L – 29x29cm  / XL – 34 x 34cm


Which fancy fabric will I receive?

We use repurposed fabric to create our wraps.  This means that our fabrics are forever changing, making your purchase low footprint and unique.  Surrender to a pot luck parcel - it's half the fun!! 

If your heart is set on a particular look, feel free to make a request and we will do our best.  Some categories such as contemporary, vintage, floral or a colour preference will help us out.  There is plethora of choice but we do put together combinations that are complimentary, so rest assured you will be receiving a hand selected well-considered product.

Our products are handmade so may vary slightly from the specified dimensions.

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