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Beeswax Bags Singles
Beeswax Bags Singles
Beeswax Bags Singles
Beeswax Bags Singles
Beeswax Bags Singles
Beeswax Bags Singles
Beeswax Bags Singles

Beeswax Bags Singles

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We offer 6 handy sizes of reusable beeswax bags to store sandwiches, snacks, cheese, fruit, bread or vegies or to use as a lunch vessel.  From half a cut onion to a large loaf of bread, we’ve got you covered.

The perfect eco-friendly plastic alternative to help minimise disposable plastic in the home whilst keeping your produce fresher, longer.  Minimising food waste and disposable plastic, it’s a win win!!

Simple pop your food into the bag and fold the top down.

Bags are available in the following sizes and convenient uses:

XS - 22cm x 14 cm - $14
Hard cheese, half an avocado, kids snacks, carrot & celery sticks, vegetable off cuts and handy for any odd and ends.
S - 22 x 21 cm - $18
Great lunch size bag, sized to fit a standard size sandwich bread, also perfect for beans, mushrooms, grapes, spinach, bean shoots, snow peas and more.
S (Kids prints) - 22 x 21 cm - $18
Same as the Small size but with kid friendly prints and characters
- 27cm x 19 cm) - $18 
Fits a 1kg block of tasty cheese, perfect for longer vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, cucumber or longer sandwiches.
L - 30 x 26cm - $23 
A great size for the smaller specialty loaves of bread, rolls or a combination vegetable bag, larger sixed vegies or a hearty lunch bag!
Mega - 43.5 x 34 - $30
Ideal for a full loaf of artisan bread, keeps bread amazingly fresh for longer.  Bread doesn’t dry out as it does in paper or sweat as it does in plastic.  Alternatively a combo vegie or fruit bag.
Slim - 57 x 15cm - $23
The ultimate celery storage solution to take the place for the large plastic tub or multiple plastic bags.  Place the celery in the bag, fill with water to hydrate the celery, tip out the water and leave to drain before storing in the fridge.  Keeps celery beautiful and crispy for weeks.  Also great for bread sticks, spring onions and leaks.


Which fancy fabric will I receive?

We use repurposed fabric to create our bags.  This means that our fabrics are forever changing, making your purchase low footprint and unique.  Surrender to a pot luck parcel - it's half the fun!! 

If your heart is set on a particular look, feel free to make a request and we will do our best.  Some categories such as contemporary, vintage, floral or a colour preference will help us out.  There is plethora of choice but we do put together combinations that are complimentary, so rest assured you will be receiving a hand selected well-considered product.

Our products are handmade so may vary slightly from the specified dimensions.


“ Awesome celery bag!  It even fits the biggest bunch of celery”

- Mary

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