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Beeswax Reusable Bags for the Whole Family
Why make the shift to our Beeswax Bags & Wraps?
  • Alternative to single use plastic bags and cling wrap
  • Beeswax is naturally anti-bacterial
  • We use pure beeswax, no additives - we choose to simplify, conserve & have a low footprint product
  • Using recycled fabric, diverts waste from landfill and fabrics are washed so that remnant dyes don’t make friends with your food
  • Smell amazing without transferring to your food
  • Attractive in your fridge and in your picnic basket
  • Keep produce fresher than when stored in plastic
  • Can be restored after 6-12 months of use
  • A low footprint product made with love

How to USE & LOVE your beeswax bags and wraps?



It’s super simple! 
Rinse under cool or warm water, use a small amount of mild detergent only if necessary.
Wipe any food residue with a clean cloth
Dry standing up in the dish rack.   
Our wraps and bags are made with pure beeswax so to extend the life of your wrap or bag you can apply some heat to soften the wax by placing on grease proof paper in the oven on a low heat or fan with a hairdryer or simply place in the sunshine.  Please be careful, as beeswax is flammable!