Bath Bliss
Bath Bliss
Bath Bliss
Bath Bliss

Bath Bliss

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Seasonal bath bags, bringing goodness from the garden into your home.  Available in a jar with 3 fillable and reusable cloth bags and already packaged individual bath bags 

Surrender:  Pop the bad in the bath, soak and surrender to this potent punch

Ingredients:  Epsom Salts, cinnamon, dried lemon zest, dried tea tree, dried lemon balm, lemon myrtle oil. 

Peppermint Crisp:  For a guilt free chocolate bar experience, pop in the bath and relax much.

Ingredients:  Epsom Salts, dried peppermint, peppermint oil

Lavender Lovey:  Gorgeous garden floral to enjoy for that evening soak.

Ingredients:  Epsom Salts, dried lavender, lavender oil.


Sizes:  Jar  of bath bliss and contains 3 fillable bags - $20


“ Thank you for the Yardnajar pamper session from heaven”

- Jay

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